PPE Donations

Thank you for your willingness this critical need.

We ask that you secure the clearly identified/labeled items in your locked lab using the process outlined below. EHS will make arrangements to access the laboratories to pick-up the supplies in the order of needs-based priority. 

  • IMPORTANT – Items donated will not be replaced nor will unused items (if any) be returned to donating laboratories.  (This will not be possible logistically. Thank you for your understanding.)
  • You should set the donated materials aside and complete the notification to EHS below in a single visit to your laboratory, if at all possible.  There is no need to wait for confirmation from EHS. Designate one lab member to be responsible for this activity in order to employ social distancing.
  • Indicate where your items will be located in your lab and how they are identified.  (They should be segregated from other supplies and clearly identified for donation.)
  • If you have any questions, please contact ehs@yale.edu.
Indicate the number of opened and unopened items for each PPE type below:
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