Who to Call

Report Concerns and/or zero tolerance towards pressure to return to Yale during Phase 1-2.

Faculty, staff, trainees, and students who are concerned that safety measures are not being followed may bring a complaint in one of two ways: First, those who feel comfortable doing so may speak with their PI, another supervisor, their Department Chair, Faculty Director, Dean’s Designee, or an officer in the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs. Second, they may make anonymous or identified reports through the University Hotline.  

Faculty, staff, trainees, and students who are concerned that state-mandated safety requirements are not being followed may call the state hotline at 211. Supervisors may not retaliate against individuals for raising concerns about COVID-related safety and health conditions.

Provide Feedback on Phased Method of Reactivation

You can provide feedback at research.yale.edu/report-feedback.

You Feel Sick

Stay at home and call the Yale Health hotline at 203-432-6604 or your primary care provider. See information from Yale Health for more guidance.

Someone in Your Work Area is Sick

What if someone is sick

Immediately contact your Human Resource Generalist (HRG) if you learn that someone with COVID-19 has been in your workplace. Your HRG will ensure that public health authorities will implement measures to trace contacts, etc. Your HRG can also answer any questions about minimizing transmission of COVID-19 to other workplace occupants.

In addition, immediately contact Facilities (203-432-6888) and EHS (203-785-3550) to implement enhanced cleaning. In most cases, the area occupied by the individual with COVID‑19 will be vacated and secured for 4-5 days, which allows the virus to deactivate over time. A restricted access sign should be placed on the door of the area that requires cleaning.