Research Materials Shipping

Yale's Research Materials Shipping Program

Department of Transportation and International Civil Aviation Organization regulations require that anyone shipping research or clinical materials have an in-depth knowledge of the material being shipped. Because of this, administrative staff must not ship packages containing research or clinical materials. Laboratory and non-administrative clinical personnel are required to ship all research and/or clinical materials.

  • If you are shipping research materials from Yale University to another institution, you may now proceed directly to Yale's Express Shipping tool, eShipGlobal, and enter your information there.
  • If you are using TR&S to transport research materials between Yale Campuses (i.e. Medical School and Science Area, Science Area and West Campus, etc.) please continue to complete and submit Research Materials Shipment Requests.
  • If you are using the Chemical Stockroom to ship non-regulated newly synthesized chemicals, please continue to complete and submit Research Materials Shipment Requests.