Policies & Procedures

This list is meant to provide quick access to EHS policies and procedures. The list is alphabetical, but you may filter results by your work role or EHS program.

If you have difficulty accessing, printing or using any of these forms, please contact the EHS Webmaster via email by clicking here.  Most forms are available as PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat.  Some forms are also available as MSWord or MSExcel documents.


EHS documents are subject to revisions on a regular basis. Please make sure that you are viewing or downloading the latest revisions.


Administrators, non-Laboratory Faculty, Clerical, Financial, Computer and Human Resources
non-administrative functions including coaches, assistants, attendants
Yale Health, Clinics, Clinic Laboratory, Hospital Personnel
Contractors, Project Managers
Trades, Facility Superintendents, Grounds Maintenance, Utilities, Physical Plant and Custodial Staff
Principal Investigators, Lab Staff (includes just research)
Police, Security, Fire Code Compliance and EHS Staff
(includes print and copy production)
Title Description
Air Discharge Requirements

Requirements for air emissions sources.

ALARA Program

ALARA is an acronym which stands for - 'As Low As Reasonably Achievable'

AM&T Media Services-Hazardous Waste Reduction June 2008

Overview: In June 2008, the AM&T Media Services at 59 High Street (now located at 135 College Street) switched to using exclusively digital photography exclusively due to client demand and image quality, and due to high costs of chemicals used in the black and white film processing.

Asbestos Management Program

This program is designed to ensure that ACM is appropriately managed on-campus to meet federal and state regulatory requirements as well as to minimize potential health risks to the University community.

Autoclave Safety

One of the most effective decontamination controls is steam sterilization through the use of an autoclave. 

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Policy

The purpose of this policy is to allow for safe maintenance and use of AEDs installed on campus. University Departments and other administrative units may acquire an AED with University approval.

Ballast Guidance for Contractors

PCB and non-PCB containing ballasts are regulated by Connecticut as CT Regulated Waste and MUST be disposed of by Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).

BBP Spill Response Guidelines, Poster

Procedures for dealing with some of the biological spills that may be encountered in a research laboratory.

Bed Bug Protocol
Biological Safety BSL3 Laboratory Manual

Practices and procedures for the safe handling of BSL3 biohazards.

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