Meet the Radiation Safety Team

Zachariah Tribbett, CHP, CLSO
Radiation Safety Officer, Laser Safety Officer
At Yale EHS since 2016

Primary Responsbilities:

  • Manager, radiation safety group
  • Overall responsibility for radioactive materials, x-ray, and laser safety programs

Josh Armstrong
Health Physics Safety Advisor
At Yale EHS since 1995

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Radioactive materials receipt and delivery
  • Radioactive materials inventory
  • Radiation facility decommissioning
  • Radon monitoring
  • Radiation work requests
  • Construction liaison for projects involving radiation
  • Radiation safety trainer

Ionel Hau, PhD
Health Physicist
At Yale EHS since 2013


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Analytical x-ray safety
  • Human use x-ray safety
  • Electron microscope safety
  • Uranium and thorium compound use/registration
  • Radiation safety training lead

Stephanie Monroe
Program Coordinator
At Yale EHS since 2021


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Radioactive materials orders
  • Radioactive materials registrations
  • Radiation dosimetry manager
  • Radiation Safety Committee administrator
  • RDRC/RIDC protocol management

Jason Small
Health Physics Safety Advisor
At Yale EHS since 1999


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Sealed source leak test management
  • Radioactive materials use registrations and renewals
  • Radiation safety trainer
  • EHS radiation labs manager
  • PET Center radiation safety
  • YARC radiation safety liaison

June Tamkin-Price
PET Medical Health Physicist
At Yale EHS since 1982

Primary Responsbilities:

  • PET Center Health Physicist
  • PET Center radiation safety training lead
  • Radioactive materials use registrations reviewer
  • Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) member/reviewer
  • Radioactive Investigational Drug Committee (RIDC) member/reviewer