Office Ergonomics

Many people don’t realize that a poorly designed computer workstation and/or bad work habits can result in serious health problems. Common symptoms associated with poor design or habits include discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders, hands and wrists, as well as headaches and eyestrain. If you experience any of these symptoms while working, contact your medical provider.

Fortunately, the solution can be quite simple. Proper workstation setup and work practices can eliminate discomfort and even prevent it from occurring in the first place! Simple adjustments to office equipment can work wonders, making work more comfortable and more productive.

If you have a concern with your office setting, the first step is to utilize the Tools & Resources below to make adjustments to your current setup. If you still have concerns after a period of of approximately two weeks of using your reconfigured setup, please contact your Safety Advisor or register for a session with an EHS representative to see available ergonomic products at 25 Science Park. See product information for chairs, monitor arms and work surfaces available through Yale vendors (for Yale affiliate use only).


Tools & Resources

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