Safer Yale Practices

Updated: February 23, 2024

Below is an alphabetical list of topics and recommendations to promote campus health.

Admitted/Prospective Student Events

Air Purifiers

Buildings on campus have been evaluated by Facilities to ensure conformance to the latest CDC guidance and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards.

If you desire a portable air purifier, it may be purchased separately through your business office. There are many types of air purifiers; EHS and/or Facilities can advise on the appropriate style and size.


See Yale’s Mask Requirements and Guidance for masking requirements for students and instructors.

Yale Facilities Operations and EHS have evaluated, enhanced, and verified the ventilation systems in all classrooms. If you have questions about a space, contact your Facilities Superintendent or EHS Safety Advisor for an evaluation.

Events, Gatherings, and Meetings (“gatherings”)

No gathering may exceed a venue’s occupancy limit (as designated by posted capacity or fire code limit).   

Event organizers may (at their discretion) require pre-event COVID testing (via a rapid antigen test the day of the event) for attendees. Testing prior to a large gathering can prevent spread of the virus. This is a best practice for holiday parties. Remind invitees and participants to not attend if symptomatic.

While 100% occupancy of spaces is permitted, it is a safer practice to have a lower occupancy percentage to reduce crowding. The risk of spread of respiratory illnesses can be reduced by limiting the duration of indoor gatherings to less than three hours.

Spaces with good ventilation are preferred. Mechanical ventilation is especially important when gatherings involve aerosolizing or unmasked activities, such as eating, drinking, dancing, etc.

Open operable windows, where available.

Contact Facilities at 203-432-6888 or EHS at if you have questions about a venue’s ventilation.

Outdoor gatherings are excellent to maximize ventilation.

Events with Aerosolizing Activities

Special care should be taken when organizing events that include high-aerosolizing activities, such as singing and dancing.

  • Consider spaces that have good ventilation as described above.
  • For longer duration aerosolizing activities, a best practice is to minimize occupancy, below the posted limit.

Hosting Meetings and Events

Additional precautions may be prudent for longer meetings/events, activities involving large crowds, and aerosolization, music and practices.

The following are best practices for events/meetings:

  • Get a private room, if at all possible. Use of a private residence is not recommended.
  • Meeting participants should follow applicable Yale requirements in place at the time.
  • Tell invitees to not attend if symptomatic.
  • Consider an outdoor event, if possible.
  • For indoor events, only use venues with mechanical ventilation and supplied fresh air. If windows are available, please open them. Spaces with high ceilings and large, spacious rooms are likely to have better ventilation. The room should not feel stuffy.
  • Seek other ways to improve the ventilation. Periodically open nearby doors to the outside.

Follow CDC’s guidance for indoor masking, based on COVID-19 community levels in the area. Provide hand sanitizer and masks for people who may request them.

Mask Requirements and Guidance

Please follow Yale’s Mask Requirements and Guidance.

Shared Surfaces and Objects

Many infectious diseases can be transmitted via shared surfaces and objects. Hand washing and cleaning can prevent transmission. While Yale custodians conduct routine cleaning, all members of the Yale community need to help keep workplaces clean. 

Yale custodians regularly clean surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people, such as:

  • Bathroom faucets and toilets.
  • Office break areas/kitchens.
  • Door handles, light switches, and handrails.
  • Drinking fountains.

Students and staff are responsible for daily cleaning of:

  • Desks.
  • Workstations.
  • Printer/copiers.
  • Other shared equipment.

Some shared objects should be cleaned with disinfecting wipes before and after use. These include:

  • Gym and other sports equipment.
  • Shared objects in studios and game rooms.

Disinfecting wipes should be made available to staff for disinfection of office and other shared equipment. Lead Administrators may order wipes via the Yale Printing and Publishing Services website.

Student Organizations

Please see the COVID Policy for Registered Undergraduate Yale Student Organizations.