Radioactive Material Use Authorizations/Registrations

Applications for radioactive material use can be completed and submitted online via EHS Integrator. Review Obtaining Authorization to Use Radioactive Material for specific information on the authorization process. Yale University possesses a Broadscope research license issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to procure, possess, handle, dispose and use radioactive materials for research and development, teaching and training and instrument checking and calibration. This Broadscope research license specifically prohibits the use of licensed material in or on human beings. Field applications where radioactivity would be released to the environment are also prohibited. This license requires oversight by the institutional Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). The RSC issues Radioactive Material Use Authorizations to experienced Principal Investigators. Specific responsibilities exist for both the Principal Investigator and individual users. These responsibilities should be thoroughly reviewed before starting work with radioactive material.

Yale University also possesses a separate limited scope NRC medical use license for human subject research at the Yale University Positron Emission Tomography Center (PET Center) and an NRC Cyclotron Production license for the PET Center as well.



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