Human Materials/Infection Control/Patient Care

Work with Human Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials

All employees who may have occupational exposure to human blood, unfixed human tissues, human cell/tissue cultures, certain other body fluids or bloodborne pathogens must receive OSHA-required bloodborne pathogens training before they initiate assignments with any of these materials. OSHA requires that all employees receive retraining within one year of their previous training date. Additional requirements for the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard are outlined in the Universal Precautions Summary.

Infection Control Program

Yale University has an Infection Control program that monitors and assists Yale University clinical/healthcare environment on and off campus. The program is designed to provide consistent infection control policies and programs that meet or exceed minimal acceptable standards across Yale’s clinical areas and satellite facilities. The University has an infection control work group advising and establishing policies for Yale University healthcare environments.


Tools & Resources