Information for Laboratory Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators are primarily responsible for the safety of their laboratory. These safety responsibilities include ensuring that all staff, students, affiliates and visitors wear appropriate personal attire and required PPE. Do not allow any activity or experiments to be conducted if the required personal attire is not worn or the required PPE is not available and used. Faculty and senior staff are responsible for modeling the use of appropriate personal attire and hazard-appropriate PPE. See the Personal Protective Equipment Policy and Personal Protective Equipment Procedures for Laboratories for more information.

PIs are required to perform, document and certify a PPE hazard assessment using the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) for all laboratory staff, students, affiliates and visitors when they first enter the laboratory, begin an activity or are potentially exposed to a hazardous material, condition or process. The information in the tool must be updated whenever a new hazardous material, condition or process is introduced into the laboratory. Please contact your Safety Advisor if you need assistance.

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