EHS COVID-19 Information

Yale Environmental Health and Safety is working in partnership with Yale Health, the Office of Emergency Management, the Office of Facilities among others to help keep the Yale community healthy and safe. Please see our list of FAQs as well as the University’s COVID-19 Information Page for more information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact or 203-785-3550 so we may get a message to the appropriate EHS staff member to address your needs.

Safe Campus Practices

Review Safe Campus Practices for information on a variety of topics that are peripheral to our academic and operational policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Requirements for Physical Distancing and Minimizing Face-to-Face Contact

Review Requirements for Physical Distancing and Minimizing Face-to-Face Contact for requirements of the State of CT and Yale University.

Occupancy Requirements and Limits

Review Occupancy Requirements and Limits for campus spaces.

Face Coverings/Masks/Respiratory Protection

Glove Use

Review information on Glove Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

PPE Distribution

COVID-19 Safety Officers

COVID-19 Safety Officers are responsible for safety compliance in your department and may field requests for information and potentially adjudicate concerns or complaints about faculty/trainees/staff who are non-compliant with safety guidelines. See a list of COVID-19 Safety Officers.

Vehicle Use

Review information on Vehicle Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Undergraduate/Teaching Instructional Labs

In-Person Non-Lab Undergraduate Courses


Student Travel Outside of Connecticut

To notify or request permission from their Health and Safety Leader to travel, students must fill out a travel form:


The training program for faculty and staff has been updated for spring 2021. Everyone authorized to be on campus — even those who have taken the training previously — must take the new Return to Yale Campus Training. This requirement includes faculty and staff who are not authorized to work on campus but need to come to campus for any reason.


See Signage and Digital Assets available via Yale Printing & Publishing Services.

Service Providers and Sales Vendors

Yale strongly discourages any vendor sales representatives from visiting campus. 

Vendors who are providing services on-site at Yale, or other groups coming to campus such as site inspectors or safety monitors, must agree to comply with Yale’s Travel Guidelines and Vendor Site Access requirements. Among other procedures described in the requirements, all vendors will be required to check in via Yale’s contractor/vendor daily check-in application upon arrival to campus.

Note: If any on-site duties are subcontracted, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure subcontractors have appropriate training.

For more information on service providers, visit Yale Procurement and Office of Facilities.

For research-related information on service providers, visit

Departmental Return to Work Checklist (Non-Researcher)

Faculty and staff (non-researcher) can review the Departmental Return to Work Checklist for requirements of the State of CT and Yale University.

Research Reactivation-Phases 1-2-3

Additional Registrations and Information

Yale Resources

External Resources

Informational Materials