Continuity of Critical Research at Yale - FAQs

As of March 20, 2020, all non-critical research on campus must be suspended until further notice.  We ask that all faculty and lab directors take the request to ramp down research seriously and place the work of your groups on hold.20th. Thank you for your full cooperation!

The infrastructure needed to support critical research programs will be taxed to an extreme level and only essential work should draw upon those scarce resources. Both the Medical School and the FAS have provided guidance on what constitutes critical research. We ask that you consider these guidelines in as limited a scope as possible. 

When carrying out critical research, you must still encourage and model social distancing and good hygiene.  Absolutely require that if anyone in the group is sick that they do not come to work.  Establish a system by which you, and members of the lab, can check the status of each other.  

Adhering to these work restrictions now will support the long-term success of our labs and research groups as well as that of your own work.  For those of you who have already ramped down your on-campus research activities, your effort is greatly appreciated.  To all of our faculty, laboratory and research staff, postdocs, students, and others who support these operations, thank you for carefully following the guidelines found here.