Hand Sanitizer Disposal Instructions

Yale Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has made the following options available for you to safely dispose of any recalled hand sanitizer that you may have on campus. 

  1. EHS Integrator Request: You may put in a request for pickup by EHS through EHS Integrator’s Chemical Waste Pickup Request. If you do not have access to EHS integrator, please contact the EHS Waste line at 203-432-6545 or waste.requests@yale.edu.

Please Note:

  • EHS can not pick up in residential colleges, homes or apartments for security reasons.
  • While awaiting removal by EHS, please keep bottles in an area that is visible and label, “Do not use, awaiting pick up by EHS.” 
  • As of April 12, 2021, Purell® brand hand sanitizer is now available to order for your department through the YPPS website. The Yale Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has verified that Purell® brand hand sanitizer is benzene-free.
  • Questions? For questions about hand sanitizer disposal, please contact waste.requests@yale.edu. For general questions about hand sanitizer, please contact ehs@yale.edu.