Martin Murungi Internship Experience

The Yale University Environmental Health and Safety office has proven to be a dynamic work setting offering ample opportunity for professional growth. My Health Physics internship lasted the span of two and a half months, with most of the work performed under the scope of the radiation safety team. This team offered such flexibility to include me on projects and did not hesitate to deliver on any area of experience that I wished to gain as an intern. While there are definite expectations for performance within the internship, the team worked with me the first week to set achievable goals and took careful notice when I completed anything more than was to be expected. The office provided a welcoming environment to join any project within the scope of the internship, as well as invitations to sit on professional meetings in the area of interest. Additionally, the internship provided multiple opportunities to view the practical application of topics studied prior to coming to Yale and offered several scenarios to test and expand on competence in the field. I am grateful for the opportunities presented by the Yale EHS office and would recommend the experience to anyone interested in completing an internship with this team.

-Martin Murungi, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Health Physics Intern, 2023