EHS Celebrates its Administrative Professionals

May 1, 2024

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day on April 24th, Yale Environmental Health and Safety celebrates its administrative professionals who help to keep the department running on a daily basis and offer exemplary customer service to all members of the Yale community.

Lucy Tomaso
Senior Administrative Assistant
At Yale EHS since 2000


  • Compliance filing and archiving
  • Manifest tracking
  • Waste inquiry line and email
  • Fleet maintenance and compliance
  • Universal waste program manager
  • Database management
  • Any EAS facility maintenance work
  • Operational supplies and inbound/outbound correspondence

“Lucy has a hand in almost everything we do at EAS, without her tenacity and hustle we would never keep up,” said Iain Kinsella, environmental affairs manager. “She is an extremely helpful colleague who always raises her hand to volunteer assistance. Lucy is extremely meticulous and organized, for herself and everyone here.”

Liz DeChello
Senior Administrative Assistant
At Yale EHS since 2014


  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • P-card expense reports
  • Joint Health & Safety, Traffic Safety, Lab Safety Committee Meeting Minutes, Safety Advisor meeting Minutes
  • Primary backup to radiation/biological Purchasing
  • Primary backup to front desk

“Liz is always so helpful and willing to pitch in wherever needed,” said Mike Kaseta, operations manager. “She plays a critical role by supporting and providing financial responsibility related to the various vendors we work with on a monthly basis.”

Pam England
Senior Administrative Assistant
At Yale EHS since 2017


  • Front desk
  • Emergency response support
  • Calendaring for executive director and senior associate director
  • Visual Compliance Hazardous Materials shipping support
  • P-card expense reports
  • Handles facilities work requests and copiers at 135 College Street
  • Maintains kitchen and coffee room 135 College Street

“Pam is usually the first point of contact in the office,” said Mike Kaseta, operations manager. “She does a great job of triaging calls and responding to calls on the emergency line.”

Stephanie Monroe
Program Coordinator
At Yale EHS since 2021


  • SciQuest biological restricted item approvals
  • Biological Safety Committee support
  • BSL-3 Sub Committee, Human Gene Transfer Committee support
  • rDNA registration support
  • Human pathogen registration support 
  • Protocol approval letters

“Stef has engrained herself in the biosafety program,” said Mike Kaseta, operations manager. She provides day to day administrative support to the various biosafety programs and vast amount of protocols that are reviewed by the committee monthly.”

Tylisa Cosby
Training and Program Coordinator
At Yale EHS since 2022


  • Safety Training Program
  • Training compliance record keeping
  • Scheduling training offering and coordinating instructors
  • Training enrollment and compliance reporting
  • Clean Air Device
  • Coordinating CAD certifications with the Vendor and customers
  • CAD Record keeping and reporting
  • CAD contract and annual chargeback

“Tylisa is our point person for both the Clean Air Device program and our Safety Training program for the University,” said Jim D’Addio, research safety supervisor. “She continues to keep two wildly different programs running smoothly and provide superior customer support for the Yale community.”

Shelby Wuchek
Research Support Coordinator
At Yale EHS since 2022


  • SciQuest radioactive restricted item approvals
  • Quarterly radioactive registrations
  • New PI radioactive registrations
  • Dosimetry program
  • Radiation Safety, Shop Safety Committee meeting minutes
  • Controlled substances program
  • State of CT registrations and DEA licenses
  • SciQuest controlled substance restricted item approvals

“Shelby has made great strides in the radiation safety and controlled substance programs,” said Mike Kaseta, operations manager. “She continues to keep principal investigators compliant with state and federal regulations.”