Requesting Supplies for International Clinical Rotations or Student Research Abroad

March 22, 2018

If you are planning on participating in an international clinical rotation or student research abroad and will need safety supplies such as respirators, gowns, gloves, safety glasses, splash/faceshields, or antiseptic gel, please ensure that you complete and submit the “Safety Supply Request Form” to or fax to 203-785-7588 at least 10 days prior to your departure.

If you are requesting respirators (N95s), please note that you must be fit tested within 12 months of your departure. If you have not been fit tested by EHS in the 12 months prior to your departure, you must register for one of the Respiratory Protection training sessions offered by EHS.  This is a two-part course, you must complete Respiratory Protection Training: Part 1 (online training) to be able to register for Respiratory Protection Training: Part 2 (fit testing).

If you have any questions, please contact EHS at or 203-785-3550.