Occupancy Requirements and Limits

Updated: August 31, 2021

Spaces for congregating will be open with occupancy governed by available seating and/or typical occupancy, as well as the need for unvaccinated people to maintain 6-foot physical distancing from others while indoors. Activities must be non-aerosolizing. Avoid crowding and allow sufficient space for those who need or want to distance. Do not add chairs or seating to a space to exceed normal capacity. To avoid crowding, it may be advisable to post occupancy limits or traffic flow signs. Your EHS Safety Advisor can provide space-specific guidance. Events, gatherings, and meetings must comply with Yale’s Events, Gatherings & Meetings policy.

For classrooms, there is no distancing requirement for vaccinated students. (As a reminder, no students is permitted to remove their mask in the classroom.)

Due to ventilation needs for aerosol-generating activities, occupancy limits may be posted for music practice and performance spaces, theaters, and gyms. The Office of Facilities may recommend other occupancy limits based on the room’s typical occupancy and/or ventilation capacity.

HSLs, managers, administrators, and unit leads can see additional planning guidance.


Yale Facilities Operations and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) staff have evaluated the ventilation systems in all occupied buildings. Based on CDC and ASHRAE guidelines the amount of fresh air has been increased and filtration systems upgraded with high efficiency filters to optimize work environments serviced by HVAC Systems. Facilities and EHS have also evaluated environmental conditions in work locations that are naturally ventilated or that have limited mechanical ventilation. The ventilation in all classroom spaces have been verified. For spaces that lack mechanical ventilation and have no windows, ventilation has been enhanced or EHS has suggested limited occupancy. If you have questions about a space, contact your Facilities Superintendent or EHS Safety Advisor for an evaluation.

More details can be found on the Returning to Yale Facilities Information page.