Can I work with radiation producing equipment or radioactive material if I am pregnant?

Generally, yes. The vast majority of work performed at Yale with radioactive materials can continue without modification during pregnancy. Once a person officially informs her employer in writing of her pregnancy using the Radioactive Material Use-Declaration of Pregnancy Form found in the Safe Use of Radiation by Pregnant Personnel Policy, new dose limits apply. A person can obtain a second film badge from Radiation Safety. This second badge is worn at the waist to monitor the exposure to the unborn child.

Regulations require that the dose for the nine months of pregnancy must not exceed 500 mRem. Radiation Safety personnel can review your prior exposure history and your current projects that involve the use of radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment. This will provide an estimate of the likely exposure that may be received during the duration of pregnancy.

This review may also result in suggestions to further reduce your exposure to radiation. Because the fetus is sensitive to radioiodine, it may be suggested that you not perform iodinations during your pregnancy. Because of the increased sensitivity of the fetus, the it may be suggested that you limit your use of some very large sealed sources of radioactive material.