Radiation Safety FAQs

What types of x-ray equipment are present at Yale?

Yale University has medical, veterinary and research x-ray equipment. The specific types of x-ray equipment may be designed to image human patients, animals, viruses, ceramics and for a large number of other purposes.

Radiation Safety should be notified as soon as any purchase of x-ray equipment is planned so that shielding and other safety requirements can be determined. X-ray equipment must be registered with the State of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. Any fees are the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.

Does lab equipment require decontamination prior to disposal, repair or servicing?

Yes. There are strict controls on the disposal of radioactive material. Equipment for disposal must be surveyed by members of Radiation Safety prior to release for disposal. For broken equipment that has been used with radioactive material, a Radiation Safety release survey must be completed prior to allowing Yale repair persons or outside vendors to service the equipment. Call 203-737-2121 to arrange for release surveys.

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