Chemical Safety FAQs

What do I do with empty chemical containers?

Triple rinse containers that are empty and deface the label. Glass bottles should then be placed in a plastic bag and put into any cardboard box. The box should be sealed and the words “broken glass” written on the top. It can then be placed with your normal trash for removal by custodial services. Any container that once held P-listed or acutely hazardous chemicals must be tagged as hazardous waste and cannot be triple rinsed.

Can chemical containers be stored on shelves above a bench?

Only small volume containers of non-hazardous chemicals should be stored on elevated shelves. These include dry powders as well as aqueous solutions of buffers, salts and other dilute materials.

Stock containers of flammable and corrosive chemicals should always be separated from each other and stored at or below eye level. Use a flammable storable cabinet for flammable liquids and keep corrosive chemicals in secondary containers such as a plastic tray.

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