SCIEX Initiates Field Action for Specific Mass Spectrometer Systems

March 27, 2017

Scientific instrument maker SCIEX is initiating a field action for  API 4000™, 4000 QTRAP®, and API 5000™ mass spectrometer systems with the Varian TV 801 Turbo Pump (manufactured by Agilent). This action is being taken as a result of two customer complaints of accidents in which the rotors of the TV 801 turbo pump suddenly fragmented and were ejected at high speeds. Luckily no one was injured in either case, but the accidents were serious enough for SCIEX and Agilent to determine that these pumps need to be taken out of service immediately.

The Varian TV 801 Turbo pumps in question were manufactured between 2002 and 2009. So far, Joe Doktorski, sales representative for SCIEX, has found only one mass spectrometer on campus that is affected by this action, and is working with that laboratory on addressing this. If you have one of the identified mass spectrometers in your laboratory, please discontinue use immediately and contact Joe Doktorski at SCIEX ( or your EHS Safety Advisor for assistance.

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