Who is required to attend radiation safety training?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requires training for all individuals who, in the course of employment (or study), are likely to receive an occupational exposure of 100 mRem in one year. The training should be commensurate with their activities. In general, such training includes biological effects of radiation, their responsibilities to report promptly any condition which may lead to or cause a violation of regulations or unnecessary exposure and the proper response to signs and warnings. In determining those individuals subject to training requirements, EHS will take into consideration assigned activities, including tasks not under NRC jurisdiction, such as x-ray equipment use.

Each authorized Principal Investigator is responsible for training the individuals working in his/her laboratory. Radiation Safety assists Principal Investigators by providing orientation seminars on radiation safety and radiation protection techniques.

Individuals should not work with radioactive materials until they have attended a Radiation Safety Orientation seminar. These seminars are generally offered twice each month.

Principal Investigators are kept informed of the upcoming schedule for orientation seminars. Additional optional lectures on topics of interest are also provided by Radiation Safety.