Green Laboratories Certification

Yale Environmental Health & Safety in conjunction with the Yale Sustainability Task Force initiatives has developed a Green Laboratories Certification Program for the University.

While laboratories are unique from other areas on campus in that research is inherently resource dependant, generating a variety of regulated waste materials, the programs purpose is to raise awareness that even small changes in operation and purchasing habits can create a positive outcome. This new certification program is similar in format to the Green Office Certification Program that is underway by Yale Sustainability. These efforts are part of Yale’s overall plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, and lower our collective footprint.

Program Directions

  • Please designate only one person from each laboratory to fill out the Green Lab Certification Survey.
  • To sign your laboratory up for the “Green Laboratories Certification Program,” please log into the site using your Yale NETID and password at:
  • Upon completion, you will be emailed the results of your survey containing your labs total point value and current certification level.
  • If your lab has achieved additional action items and you want to update your current survey, visit: and enter your answers to reflect the updates.

The Green Laboratories Certification program has four levels of achievement (Y-A-L-E). The process begins when a laboratory commits itself to actively participating in this initiative by performing a self-assessment of their current laboratory practices. Points are earned for successfully adopting and verifying sustainable laboratory practices. Successful achievement of all four levels may require the adoption of additional practices overtime as well as a sustained demonstration of these practices. Points and levels are accumulated, as shown below:

Y: Commitment by the Principal Investigator and a majority of laboratory members to participate in the program, performing a laboratory self-assessment and the completion of the Green Lab Certification Survey Form.

A: Based upon the self-assessment, earn a minimum of 40 total points. At least one action item must be completed from each of the categories.

L: Meet all of the requirements for an “A” and have earned a minimum of 80 total points. At least one action item must be worth 6 points.

E: Meet all of the requirements for an “L” and have earned a minimum of 120 total points. At least one action item must be from the “write in category” and be approved by Green Laboratory Awards Committee as a valid action item with assigned point value.

All laboratories achieving the minimum rating will receive an email with a written certificate of achievement.