Soil Management and Excavation

Brush and landscape clearance, excavation and other site disturbances can create adverse conditions that need to be evaluated during the planning phase of a project. These issues include soil erosion, silty stormwater runoff, site flooding and polluted soils. Soils removed from Yale property should be tested for regulated pollutants prior to excavation and an appropriate location should be identified for their re-use or disposal. Re-use on site is strongly encouraged, when feasible. Large projects should gather environmental soil data during the ground/soil geotechnical boring phase to minimize duplication and ensure coordination with excavation subcontractors.

Many soils and fill materials in urban areas such as New Haven contain contaminants in concentrations that prevent their free and unrestricted re-use under State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (CT DEP) requirements. Although several options exist, it is important to identify the fate of excavated materials as early in the planning phase as possible. For more information, visit the EHS Construction and Renovation Website (for authorized users only).