Shipping Biological Research Materials

If you are involved in any aspect of shipping biological materials you must complete the proper training, which depends on the material being shipped. Required trainings are general awareness of the shipping regulations, function-specific instruction, safety and emergency response and security awareness or security plan training. Since some of this material is provided in other training required for working with the materials, these required trainings also fulfill parts of the shipping training. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 203-785-3550 or

Regulatory Agencies

The main regulatory agencies, which require permits are shown in the table below. Refer to the linked websites for additional information and resources. Please note that additional regulatory agencies may also require permits. For example, the collection of field specimens (live animals/arthropods, samples collected from these organisms, etc.) may require state-level permits for collection and then subsequent distribution. Additional university approvals would also be required.

CDC/DHHS Required to import any etiologic agents/infectious substances or materials that may include them
USDA Required to import or transfer within the U.S. any animal agent or product/item that has been in contact with an animal
APHIS Required to import any plant pests, pathogens, noxious weeds, or related products
US Fish & Wildlife and CITES Required to export or import endangered species and species covered by CITES, wildlife, reptiles, plants, pet birds, museum specimens, exhibits for scientific exchange



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